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The Bracken County Preschool Program is an enriching program serving children who meet eligibility criteria as defined by the Kentucky Department of Education.  The preschool program is available to families with four-year-old children who are income eligible, as well as families with three and four-year-old children with delays in their development, regardless of income. The family must reside within the boundaries of the Bracken County School District in order to attend the preschool program.   

  Preschool classrooms are located at Taylor Elementary on Gibson Drive in Brooksville.  There are currently three Preschool classroom that serve children in an all day program Monday through Thursday. Each classroom is staffed with a  teacher and at least one teaching assistant.

  Bus transportation is provided to all Preschool students.  Children wear safety vests to secure them and a monitor assists children on and off the bus as well as assist with securing the safety vest.  All preschool children eat lunch as part of the daily routine.  The teachers conduct two home visits to each Preschool family during the course of each year; once in the fall and once again in the spring.  This provides an excellent opportunity to gain information about the child and how the child is doing in preschool.  Family involvement is strongly encouraged.