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Become a Volunteer





If you would like to volunteer in our schools or attend field trips with your child, you will need to follow the steps below to become a certified volunteer.

1.  Click the link to the left where it says volunteer to print out the Volunteer Application Form. A $10 fee is also required in order to run the background check.  You will also have to have a copy of your driver's license when you submit your application at our FRYSC office.




2.  Volunteer training- there is also a training online you will need to complete.



3.  You will need to complete the child Abuse and Neglect background check online.


1.  Go to https://ssointernal.chfs.ky.gov

2.  Click create account

3.  Enter your information

4.  Select the letter "C' from the alphabet list and select CAN payment and verification from the application list and click launch.

5.  Select the Central Registry Check from the form drop down menu.

6.  Check the Public School Employee box from the choices provided.

7.  Enter your information.

8.  Click on the box to authorize Bracken County Schools to get your results.

9.  Fill in the Employer/Agency Information as follows:

Bracken County Board of Education


348 West Miami Str.

Brooksville, KY  41004

10. Upload a copy/picture of one of the following: Driver's license, state ID, birth certificate, social security card, or passport.

11. Click submit

12. Click on Pay by credit/debit card

13. Click proceed to E-sign

14. Click on sign and pay

15. Enter your card information

16. Select pay now

17. You can check the status of your request by going to the Go To Dashboard.


If you have any questions regarding how to become a volunteer, please contact the Family Resource Youth Services Center at 606-735-3349