Mrs. Vicki Fisher, Counselor

Local Scholarships 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/local scholarships 2019.docx?id=2775

Local Scholarship Application 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/local scholarship application 2019.docx?id=2776

Art Guild Scholarship (Judy Federer) 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/art guild scholarship (judy federer) 2019.docx?id=2779

Cathy Jo Tobis Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/cathy jo tobis scholarship form 2019.doc?id=2780

Homemaker Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/homemaker scholarship 2019.docx?id=2781

Levi Appelman Make a Difference Memorial Scholarship 2019/userfiles/7/my files/levi appelman make a difference memorial scholarship.docx?id=2445

Philip Rice Memorial Ag Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/philip rice memorial ag scholarship 2019.docx?id=2782

Ramona Bonfield Memorial Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/ramona bonfield memorial scholarship 2019.docx?id=2783

2019 Bracken KFB Education Foundation Scholarship /userfiles/7/my files/2019 bracken kfb scholarship application.docx?id=2784

Augusta Masonic Lodge Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/augusta masonic lodge scholarship 2019.docx?id=2786

Danny Hay Memorial Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/danny hay memorial scholarship (fop) 2019.docx?id=2787

Joe Seavers Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/joe seavers scholarship 2019.docx?id=2788

Tom Stephenson Scholarship Award 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/tom stephenson scholarship app 2019.doc?id=2792

Donald L. and Linda S. Claypoole Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/donald l. and lyda s. claypoole scholarship application 2019.docx?id=2800


2019 KENTUCKY FARM BUREAU EDUCATION FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM APPLICATION /userfiles/7/my files/2019 kfb ed foundation scholarship application.doc?id=2748

Fleming-Mason Energy Scholarship /userfiles/7/my files/2019 fleming-mason scholarship application.docx?id=2749

Bracken County Cattlemen's Scholarship /userfiles/7/my files/bracken county cattlemen's scholarship.docx?id=2752

Bracken County Conservation Scholarship /userfiles/7/my files/bc conservation district scholarship application 2019.docx?id=2754

George Crafton Scholarship

Kentucky Trapshooter's League (KTL) Scholarship /userfiles/7/my files/19 ky trapshooter's league scholarship application.docx?id=2770

Hedges-Barnett Scholarship /userfiles/7/my files/2019 hedges-barnett scholarship - new (fillable).pdf?id=2771

Primary Plus Scholarship

NKY Building Inspector's Association Scholarship 2019 /userfiles/7/my files/nky building inspectors association scholarship 2019.doc?id=2785

Mason-Bracken County Bar Association 19th Annual Law Day Scholarship Essay /userfiles/7/my files/mason-bracken county bar association 19th annual law day scholarship essay.docx?id=2797


Click on the link below.

Deadlines vary



Click on the link below to find a vast number of scholarships. You will need to do some digging but it may be worth your time (and money).

Deadlines vary


Civil Engineering Scholarship

Deadline to apply: February 1, 2019


Stull Orthodontics Scholarship Program

Deadline to apply: March 1, 2019


2019 Kentucky Ag Athletes of Year

Deadline to apply: January 22, 2019


10th Region High School Athletic Directors Association Academic Athlete Scholarship

Deadline to apply: May 1, 2019

Mrs. Fisher has applications.